Artist Statement

The human mind is an excellent pattern recognition device; so much so that it can’t help but assign images and concepts where they may not otherwise exist. My artwork focuses almost entirely on color in a way that allows the viewer to get a glimpse into this usually unnoticed mental process of pattern recognition.

Everyone has experienced this process when seeing images in the clouds, or when viewing a Rorschach test. In my work, I give the viewer an abstract composition of texture and flowing color so that their visual senses have the necessary building blocks to let their mind naturally sculpt out patterns, forms, and concepts. Through this, my work exists in two different forms, both concretely in the physical form and uniquely in the viewer’s mind.

Throughout my body of work the different mediums influence this mental process in different ways. Where paint allows for a more visual reaction in the viewer’s mind, the digital medium allows for a more conceptual reaction.